Sunday, March 27, 2011

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I was watching some videos on You Tube lately about facial masks and peels when I saw a few reviews about Cucumber masks. I remember when I was younger that my mom used to put a peel like this on that was clear and when she peeled it off, we always talked about how she was shedding her skin like a snake would. I recently picked this up at Walmart to see how it would work for my super DRY skin. I have really dry patches on my cheeks and hairline, so I was worried about this peel leaving my face drier than it was before.
I have only used it once and I have to say this is my favorite product of the moment. It left my skin feeling so soft and hydrated because of the cucumber. I used this mask a little bit before bed because when you peel it off, it does make your face all red. This peel is a gel that you just spread all over your face and wait for it to dry. When you peel it off, you can see that it has removed some of the gunk from your pores and in my case, some of the dead skin from my dry spots. I can't wait to use this mask again because aside from the redness, my skin looked fantastic. I could not see any areas that were obviously dry with my flaky skin.

I would give this product four out of five sparkles. The price was great too, around 4-5 dollars. You don't need a lot of product to spread all over your face either, so this will last a while.


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