Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Last night I decided to try my first attempt at water marbling with some of my nail polish. I watched several videos on You Tube before I gave this a try. I used a Styrofoam cup of water for easier cleanup and a tooth pick to create the swirl patterns in the polish. I used some cheap clear tape around the sides of my nails, below my cuticle and at the tips of my finger(the best I could). Here are my results

I did my left hand first. I think I did a better job with the swirling pattern and selecting the location to dip my finger. For this hand I did five different cups with nail polish.

I did my right hand second and was becoming rather tired of all the taping and cleaning of the polish out of the jar. For this hand I only did two cups of polish and probably made poor selections for design areas to place on my nails.

Here are the polishes that I used:

Base coat - L'Oreal base coat
Main polish color - Kiss french manicure set white polish. I picked up a tip that you should a coat of a polish under the polishes that are going to be marbled. If you compare the blue nail polish to how it came out on my nail you can tell that it lost a lot of its dark tones because it thinned out in the water.
Yellow - LA Color Craze in Wave Length
Blue - LA Color Craze in Radiation
Pink - LA Color Craze in Fuel
Top Coat - Revlon Top Coat

Overall I think this turned out as a good first try. The next time I do this I will allow myself more time to complete the design and be more patient. I also discovered that it would be better if I waited longer before I began to clean out the left over nail polish.