Saturday, March 19, 2011

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For St. Patrick's Day I did my nails green.
I followed a tutorial that I saw on YouTube when creating this look.

I think that the look came out great.

Here are the products that I used:
Base coat - L'Oreal base coat
Background Color - LA Color Craze in Mega Watt
Diagonal French  - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Emerald City
Clover & Dots - Green Nail Ritz pen
Dots - Wet N Wild's Gold Miner
Top Coat - Revlon Top Coat

I put on my base coat then one layer of Mega Watt. You can't really tell Mega Watt is even there, I just wanted a nude background color. It does have a hint of sparkle as well. I thought it would give the look a little more depth than just a clear background. I used the brush from Emerald City to carefully do the diagonal french. I did the french opposite ways so on my left hand the green is on the upper left part of my nail and the right hand has it on the upper right. For the clover I put some of the Green Nail Ritz pen on a paper plate and drew three dots with a tooth pick then a line for the stem to connect the dots together. I did do a four leaf clover on my two pointer fingers, but that was more because I made the stem on the first one look like a fourth dot so I just went with it. I also took a tooth pick in the green and Gold Miner to create little confetti like dots on my nails. Just the clover alone was boring. If I had a few more minutes to do these, I probably would have use a gold polish to line the green french, but I did this before work so I was a little rushed. I hope you try out this look. You could always replace the colors and the clover for another shape, maybe a flower for spring.


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