Sunday, April 10, 2011

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I must admit that shopping at the Dollar Tree is a guilty pleasure of mine. When I was a kid my mom always took me bargain shopping, so I learned from the best. My favorite thing about this store is that you never know what you are going to find, so each time is like an adventure. There are things that they stock regularly that I will not purchase elsewhere like paper plates, sandwich bags and aluminum foil (they have Reynolds most of the time) all for the great price of one dollar. The rotating stock includes all the seasonal items for holidays (I resisted buying yellow peeps and blue peep bunnies yesterday) and a bunch of random other stuff. Aside from my beauty related finds, the best thing I found yesterday was that the Betty Crocker kitchen accessories were back! They were in the store probably 4 or 5 months ago and I only got two of the things. I had be regretting not getting more so I was very pleased to see the stuff again. Now onto what you were interested in:
I usually save the cosmetics section for last since it is on the opposite side of the store from where I enter. I have been looking for new nail clippers and thought that the ACE ones for toenails would be good for my boyfriend. I also kept it rather gender neutral with the finger nail clippers in blue. Both of these have areas to catch the nail from flying all over the place. In the hair section I found a bunch of Goody hair products. These are usually quite expensive so finding these for one dollar is great. The head band is silver metal with a chain pattern on it. The hair clips are kind of like bobby pins that would just slide in your hair. They also had a set with some bright blue ones. I also got the more neutral colored hair ties. I am almost out of my black ones and thought these colored ones would be nice for spring/summer. At long last when I made it over to the makeup section I took a quick scan and found exactly what I was looking for: ELF Studio single eye shadows. I really enjoy watching some haul videos on You Tube and I recently saw ShimmeryPrincess show the ELF Studio singles that she found. I got four in Butter cream, Wild Wheat, Saddle, and Pebble. I also found some ELF Liquid Liner and got one in Ash. They also had it in Coffee. The very last thing I found was something that I blogged about last week. I found another Revlon Vital Radiance eyeshadow in Cocoa Light.
I had also sat down yesterday and started going through and documenting my makeup collection. I have been working on this for my nail polish collection and hope to post my collection coming up soon.


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