Sunday, April 10, 2011

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I found these eyeliners at the Dollar Tree about a month ago. I picked up two then and fell in love with them. I like to use them as shadow bases. They give off great pigmentation and are tacky so the shadow will really stick to them. For a dollar I think they are great. These will crease at some point since they are that creamy texture and the warmth of your crease will melt them a bit.They are designed as liners so the formula is not made to wear on the lids and not crease. When I wear these with my Jesse's Girl eye primer, the creasing becomes less noticeable. I doubt anyone would really notice the creasing unless I held my eyes closed for a while. I found a wide variety of colors. I think there is only one that I did not pick up because I thought I had it. Turns out I bought a second one of Taupe Brisk, one of the first colors I bought. When I decided to purchase five of them at once, I didn't really think it through. Taupe Brisk is one of my favorite colors as it is so generic that it could go with anything.
Starting from the top Frosty Cocoa, Shivering Vine, Sea Green, Sky Breeze, Melon, Taupe Brisk

I purchased the blue and taupe ones together over a month ago and was sad to find they were both broken when I opened them. I have improvised and carefully take the product in small pieces to apply it to my lids. It seems to be working okay. I can also tell that my second Taupe Brisk is broken too. I was happy to find that when I purchased the four other colors that none of them are broken. They look similar to a NYX jumbo pencil from the tutorials I have seen with them online. I am not sure how you sharpen these as the two that I have been using are broken.  I think the bottoms twist to move the product up. The tube is plastic and would not sharpen like a pencil. All of these shades are shimmery with a metallic sheen to them. I found myself almost wearing Frosty Cocoa alone but I decided to top it with a dark metallic brown from my LA Colors Cafe Au Late pallet.. Here's how that turned out with just the shadow stick and dark metallic brown eyeshadow
I'm considering getting another one in this color the pigmentation is great. I would give these shadow sticks a 5 out of 5 sparkles. They are awesome.


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