Friday, April 8, 2011

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I wore this design on my nails last week. I wasn't able to snap any pictures when I had it on, so I recreated the design on a fake nail to post. When I wore this I used my Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps to help strengthen my nails.
I did three coats of the Wet N Wild glitter polish in Sparkled. I then took my Shatter polish in black and did a french tip the width of the brush on all of my nails. If I was going to do this look again, I would suggest trying a different brush stroke to create a more interesting shatter. Mine were all horizontal lines since I did one stroke across the nail. The only thing to watch out for with this is removing all the glitter nail polish. I ended up pouring some nail polish remover in the cap of the bottle and soaking my fingers in that one at a time. I then took a remover soaked cotton ball and rubbed that on my finger until all the glitter came off. That's probably the only thing I did not like about this design. The glitter in Sparkled looks really pretty when the light reflects off it.


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