Saturday, May 14, 2011

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I saw some other ladies on You Tube pick these up at the Dollar Tree recently so I decided for a couple bucks I would try them. I picked out four different patterns. I started with the pinkish ones with the flowers. Here's how it turned out.

If you can't tell from the above images, these things sting. I could not get them to lay flat on my nails and they are very bubbly. I'll probably just wear them for a day and paint my nails. Since the tips are not flat, I imagine these will chip or peel off rather quickly. At least I got to try these for only a dollar. There is no way I would go out and buy the Sally Hansen ones at about 10 dollars a kit. I'd rather buy the bottles of nail polish at that point. I picked up a few more of these kits so if I decide to wear them, I'll post more pictures. Maybe they would be easier on my big toe with my other toes painted.

0 out of 5 sparkles.


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