Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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I've had these eye shadows for a while and I wanted to do a review. The mineral eye shadows are much better than the 12 and 6 color pallet from LA Colors. I haven't tried the new trios yet so I'm not sure how these compare. These shadows are very soft but like with most LA Colors products, they can be very chalky.
I have seven of these eye shadows in Black, White, Blue, Beige, Gold, Purple and Teal.

From the top the colors are Black, White, Beige, Gold and Blue. Now the Black is not the darkest black I've ever seen but I like to use this to smudge my black liner. The white is good for the inner corner and lightly as a highlight under the brow. My absolute favorite of these is Beige, which has this pink tone to it that you can see better in the first picture. I like to wear this over one of my Loreal Color Fresco eyeliner/shadow stick in Taupe Brisk. The golden tones of the pencil help bring out more of the vibrancy of the shadow. I haven't worn the gold one lately but I think it would look great over one of the pencils as well. I also wear the blue one over the blue pencil which really makes the color pop.
Sadly the purple and teal ones are not very pigmented. When I wear these shadows, I use my Avon Tru Shimmer eyeshadow stick in a light champagne color. That shadow stick really helps the color of these two shadow sticks to pop. Of all of these eye shadows, I would defiantly recommend the one in Beige. It's great for everyday wear.


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