Sunday, May 22, 2011

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It's the seventh and final day my nail polish collection. These are all of my yellow and green polishes.

Starting from the left, the yellow polishes are
Yellow - Nail Ritz, Shimmer
Goldmine - Wet N Wild, Craze
Wave length - LA Colors, Color Craze
Yellow - LA Colors, Art deco
Tangerine - LA Colors, Art deco

 Continuing from the left, the green polishes are
Sea foam green - LA Colors, Art Deco
Quirky turquoise    LA Colors, Art Deco
Atomic - LA Colors, Color Craze
Bright green - LA Colors, Art Deco
Emerald city - Sally Hansen, Extreme Wear
Forest green - LA Colors, Art Deco
Green - Nail Ritz, Shimmer
Teal - Nail Ritz, Shimmer


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