Saturday, July 9, 2011

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I was on a mission for the pink Metallic Crackle by China Glaze. So I headed out to the Sally's closest to my work: no more Metallic Crackles. They had sold out already. I then went to the Sally's closer to my house and they only had the teal, gold and purple. So I picked up the purple one and placed it over my mani in memory of Calyee Anthony.

This color is called Latticed Lilac. I think it looks great over my Caylee mani, although I think the shimmer in it is conflicting with the Firefly that I had already placed underneath. I think that the formula for this crackle is not as thick as my OPI Black Shatter. I'm not sure if you can tell in the pictures but there are defiantly areas that did not get enough polish so they look really streaky. I think I should have used more polish when applying this and that would have cut down on the streaking. I did a few more samples to show you of Latticed Lilac.
In the first picture, I placed it over black. That one really shows the color of the polish. The second one is over a champagne color and makes the purple harder to make out. As soon as I can find the pink metallic crackle at Sally's, I will be picking it up. I love how sparkly this polish makes my nails!


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