Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Today I decided to make my first Fracken! A Fracken is a nail polish that you create by mixing together other polishes, loose powders and glitter. To create my polish, I used my LA Colors Topcoat, an LA Colors loose eyeshadow in Lollipop and some pink circular glitter. I purchased all of these items from the Dollar Tree.
 On my thumb is one coat before I added the glitter. On my pointer finger is one coat after I added the glitter. Since this polish is better suited as a layering polish, I decided to follow what Jeanie did over at Midnight Manicures and using a black polish on Pink Wednesday. This is two coats over LA Colors Art Deco in Black.

I have decided to name my first Fracken With A Sparkle after my blog!

Edit: My friends over at  the Nail Polish & Gossip Facebook group have informed me that the word is not Fracken, but Franken, like Frankenstein! I've decided that I like the word Fracken better as it reminds me of one of my favorite shows, Battlestar Galaticia.


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