Monday, August 22, 2011

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So you'll remember that I recently posted about some really pretty fine glitters that I found at dollar tree recently. I added one of the purple glitters to a polish to make a glitter topcoat and have some sad news. The color from the glitter will make the clear coat not be clear anymore. My purple glitter turned my clear coat a slight pink color. All the glitter is still bright purple but the clear polish looks strange in the bottle. It looks kind of orangey-brown in these photos, but when applied to my nail it is a pink polish with some purple glitter in it. I don't think I will add any of these glitters directly to a clear coat alone anymore. Maybe the glitter would work out okay in a colored polish. I will still use this polish but I will keep in mind that it now has a pink tint to it.

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  1. Ew, yuck. It's a bit involved but what you can do is add the glitter to a cheapie clear (done) wait for the glitter to settle to the bottom and pour out the tinted polish. Then use the remains as a base. Fwiw, my experience is that Wet n Wild WS and SH Xtreme Wear clear seem to be more caustic than other brands. I've had good luck with NYC and Rimmel but even then some glitters just aren't made for frankening. :/

  2. I think it looks quite pretty in the bottle :) Glitters are hard - keep at it!