Monday, September 19, 2011

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I've had my Bundle Monster plates for quite a while now and have finally finished my storage of them. While I was waiting for my order to arrive, I did lots of Googleing to see how other ladies stored their plates. I saw most people stored their plates in baseball and business card holders. I also saw another idea about adding a piece of shelving paper in the holder to prevent the plates from slipping out of the holder if you dropped it, or picked it up the wrong way. I decided that a zippered CD case would work best for me. I went and picked out two matching pink ones from where else but the Dollar Tree. Since I have both sets of plates (21 and 25) I knew I needed at least 45 slots. Each CD case holds 24 plates so BM201 goes in the case with the series one set. Also within each slot I placed a piece of white paper that I cut to fit in there. I labeled the paper with the plate number and stamped one of each image on the paper so I could see what the stamp looked like. Using the yellow polish probably wasn't the best idea but I think it turned out okay. I like this method because I can just flip through the pictures to find a design to wear. The shelving paper I also got at the Dollar Tree. I do think it helps keep the plates inside their slots. It does make removal of the plates a bit annoying at times, but I'd rather not have the sharp metal plates accidentally fall out onto my toes!

I store my stampers and scrapers in an old q-tip container that I got from the Dollar General or the Dollar Day bins at Rite Aid. These are my favorite q-tips to use for cleaning my plates, stamper and scraper.

I hope you find my stamping plate storage helpful. How do you store your plates?


  1. wow cute idea! I took a little picture brag book that you can find at a dollar store or any store really, cut the page in half, taped the bottom part of the top cut portion to make it so each page ended up splitting for 4 plates to fit. I'll be uploading that sometime this week I'm sure. I have pix in my facebook albums I think. this is so cool though! love the heart container!

  2. Great idea! Love the stamping on paper part, will be stealing that!