Friday, September 23, 2011

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Recently one of my favorite beauty Guru's created a collection of Nail Polish with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. The JulieG Nail Polish Collection can be found at Rite Aid and retails for $3.99. The core collection polishes, including a coral polish named after Julie retail for $2.99. I have to admit that I was really disappointed with this collection. I was really expecting more glittery, sparkly colors. The majority of these colors are plain creams. There are two colors in this collection with a hint of shimmer, Mermaid's Lagoon and Stiletto. I spent a long time looking at both of these in the display. I decided for now that I have several other colors like Mermaid's Lagoon in my collection. I have nothing like Stiletto. Stiletto is a taupe colored polish with this really pretty secret shimmer. This is two coats.


  1. I was disappointed with the collection! I expected so much more! Also a little disappointed that the price is more. That seems a little unnecessary to me...