Thursday, October 13, 2011

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I recently found out about a really cool website that I want to share with you. Freecycle is a site similar to Craigslist where you can post things to offer to others, or things that you are looking for. Everything posted on the website is for free. The ideal principle of Freecycle is to not throw this things in a landfill, but instead give them to someone else that might want to use them. In the Facebook Nail Polish and Gossip Group, Erika from Polish Fixation posted that she had gotten a bunch of nail polish from Freecycle. I decided to give this a try as well. I just posted the following:
"WANTED: Nail polish
Have any old nail polish you aren't using anymore? I like to use it for crafts."

Within two days I had four emails. I met up with three of the four people who emailed me. Here is what I picked up.

Lot 1
I picked up this lot of polish from her front porch. She just left a bag out for me and I picked it up and went on my happy way. I knew that doing this was a big game of chance. I think there are some pretty special things in this lot. In particular I am very happy about
-Sally Hansen Chrome in Opal Chrome
-Urban Decay
-Revlon Street Wear

Lot 2
I picked up this lot of polish when I met the girl in the parking lot at our local Walmart. As soon as she handed me the bag, I saw several OPI polishes! I was hoping for some crazy Limited Edition polish that was super hard to find. Or a holo. Neither were in this bag but compared to Lot 1, I like all of the polishes. The Avon and Mary Kay polishes surprised me the most. The Mary Kay colors are really pretty. At first I thought the Avon polish was a top coat, until I opened the bottle and inside was a beautiful purple.

Lot 3
I picked up my final lot by meeting a CVS cashier at CVS when she was working. When I found out she worked at CVS, I figured it would be all drugstore polishes. But little did I know the magical gem I would find in here! I found a Sally Hansen Nail Prism in Purple Diamond. This is my first linear holographic nail polish.

This is indoors with flash and one coat of Purple Diamond. This holo looks great inside.

 It also looks great outside too!

If you love polish like I do, go check out and sign up for your local circle. You never know what you'll see people listing on there. I've seen lots of free furniture and clothes listed on the site as well. Good luck!
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