Monday, February 20, 2012

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My last several posts have been about the Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios of my makeup collection. I'd now like to show you some of the six pan pallets that I have. Before we get to the pictures I wanted to mention that these pallets are being discontinued. If you like what you see, head out to your local drugstore and see if you can find these marked down.

This color icon six pan pallet is called Lust and it features purples (my favorite color). These pallets come with three matte and three shimmery shades.

Top Row- matte lavender, shimmery peach
Middle Row- matte medium purple, deep plum with gold shimmer
Bottom Row - matte deep purple, shimmery charcoal

Swatched with no primer.

The colors in this pallet are buttery soft. I like the mix of matte and shimmery colors together in one set. I think the charcoal in this pallet is what I was wishing the silver was in Don't Steal My Thunder. The only thing with this pallet is that the colors are so pigmented that if I get too much of that shimmery purple or the deep matte purple on my brush, my eye is overloaded with dark purple color. This is not an attractive look as it can make me look like I have a black eye. Remember to keep a light hand with these as they are so soft and pigmented.
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