Friday, March 2, 2012

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In a recent Haul, I picked up some more of the Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens. Today I have some swatches for you.

The first one is Green Chrome. If you look at the green on the packaging,the green that comes off on your nails is not really a similar color. All of these polish have a super metallic finish (hence the Chrome in all of their names)

This next polish is Gold Chrome. I did not purchase this polish in my recent haul. I've had this color for several months now and I love to use it for stamping. You can see the application on this was a bit streaky.

This is the Silver Chrome. I think this one would work great for stamping on dark colored nails.

Believe it or not, this is the Red Chrome polish. Now If you look at the packaging on this one, the red that appears on my nails is not even close to the color on the package. This polish looks more pink in my opinion.

Here it is with the flash, still looking pink and not really very red.

This next polish is my favorite color of the ones I have right now. This is the Fuchsia Chrome.

Here it is with flash

Pink Chrome is the next Color Quick Pen I have in the pink family. This one did not look very pink but more a lavender.

Here is a comparison with Red, Fuchsia and Pink Chrome

Here they are again with the flash.

The last color I have is Turquoise Chrome. This polish leans more on the blue side of teal than it does green.

Overall I do like these polishes. They are fast drying and easy to apply with the polish and brush all in this pen. Since they are a chrome finish, there is the chance that you will end up with streaking. I don't typically wear these as polish because I found they work great for stamping. My only other complaint about these is that the color on the packaging does not match the color that comes out of the bottle. I found most of these at my Dollar Tree so for a dollar, I appreciate that I can use them for stamping.


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