Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Back in March, I took my brother to the opening night of the Hunger Games movie. We didn't go to the midnight showing (like we did for Harry Potter) but we still had a great time. Here is the nail look that I had for that night.

This look was inspired by the flames Katniss wore on her nails when she was in the Hunger Games. She talks about them while she is in the arena. Right before the premier of the movie, CutePolish did a tutorial of how to create this look. I followed this video to create what you see above. Painting the design on the plastic bag was super easy and they stuck right to my nails with a little bit of clear polish. I did my flames twenty four hours before I was going to apply them so they had time to dry. Now I couldn't go to the movie with just awesome nails, I had to get myself an outfit to go with it. I made myself a Mocking Jay pin by printing one out and taping it over one of my broaches. I did my hair in a side braid and did a smokey eye for my makeup. My necklace and earrings are an iridescent red that reminded me of fire. I had a great time seeing this movie. It's almost time for it to come out on DVD so it will give me the chance to watch it again!

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