Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Andrew and I got engaged on 11/28/2013. We spent Thanksgiving 2013 in New York City to watch my brother Larry march in the Macy's Great American Band. Andrew had been planning the proposal for a few months with my family to find the perfect place to propose on this trip. After the parade, Andrew and I took a walk through Central Park toward FAO Schwarz with my parents, Ira and Tracy and their friends Bruce and Dee. Andrew mentioned that he wanted to stop somewhere and take some pictures so he lead the way with the GPS in my iPhone. Oblivious to what was going on, I walked in the back of the group with my Dad enjoying the scenes of Central Park.

When they arrived at the Gapstow Bridge, Andrew lead me over to the water's edge. He had removed his furry winter hat and gloves and took off my furry hat as well. I figured they would be taking some nice photographs with the bridge  in the background so it made sense to remove all the crazy warm hats and thick gloves. The rest of the party stood off to the side. Close enough to snap the pictures but far enough away that they had a private moment.

Andrew's first sentence started with "Five and a half years is a long time." I knew right away what was going on. This was such a special moment that is captured forever in these photographs.


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