Friday, October 3, 2014

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I knew I wanted to make some crafts for two expecting moms. I saw this button elephant and I knew this would fit in with one of the nurseries that was Jungle themed. First I needed my canvas and buttons.

That's my assistant, Chloe. I decided I needed to sort the buttons by color so I could easily find the color and shape button I was looking for. I used an ice cube tray to sort the buttons by color and size.

I googled elephant clip art and found a few that I liked. I cut them out and placed them with my canvas to decide which one I liked best.

I decided on this guy

I traced him onto the canvas and painted that a color similar to the color buttons I was using.

I turned on some Angel on netflix and started glueing buttons

Here is the finished elephant

Once I had completed the elephant, I made a monkey inspired by the Rockstar Monkey print that my other friend's nursery was themed with.

I really like how these came out and the moms did too. They were fun and relatively easy to make. The hardest part was placing the buttons and not burning my fingers on the glue coming out of the holes and all the hot glue stringy pieces.


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