Friday, October 3, 2014

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A while back I had pinned this on my Pinterest board. The link to the original tutorial is long gone now it seems but I thought I'd post my projects anyway.

Here is an example of one in progress

To start this project I typically went to Michaels and bought the two pack of 8x10 blank canvas. The rhinestones came in a giant pack of like 1000 from Joann Fabric. The large gems are actually jewelry pieces that I found for super cheap on clearance. The ones on the H canvas are just scrap book stickers. I took the font Scriptina and wrote out the letters in the size I wanted and then printed and cut them out. I placed those on the canvas first and then added the big gems. After that it was just gluing down all the different colored rhinestones. One of these is mine and hangs in my office at work, the second one was a bridal shower gift and the last one was a present for my sister.


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