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Over the last few years I've been playing games on my phone to earn points which I then turn into gift cards. Typically I turn my points in to gift cards I can use at Barnes and Noble or Amazon so I can purchase ebooks. Many of the games I play don't require any skill so I can sit and click them while watching TV. I've earned $40 by playing the games I talk about in this article.

I play all my games on my iPhone 5s so these are all in the Apple App store. I know the Google Play store for Android devices has many of these same games but your mileage may vary if you are using a platform that isn't iOS.

The games you want to play are affiliated with the mPlus Rewards system. mPlus (formerly mPoints) is the system that collects your points when you play games in many different apps. Now you are not going to be getting giftcards overnight. It takes a lot of points to cash out. A $5 gift card costs 12,500 points. You can typically earn about 50 points per game per day. There is a limit on the max number of points you can earn per day. I look at it like this, if I can earn some money by playing games on my phone that I think are fun, I'll go for it.

Here are my favorite games and apps that are affiliated with the mPlus system for iOS.

No Skill games

All of these games essentially require you to just click the screen repeatedly to unlock achievements. These require no really participation or skill on your part, just tap the screen!
  • Flip Da Coin - Tap the coin to flip it and unlock achievements
  • Spin Da Slots - Pull the lever to spill the slots and unlock achievements
  • Tap Da Cookie - Tap the fortune cookie to read your fortune and unlock achievements
  • Da Daily Insult - Tap the dispenser to read an insult and unlock achievements
  • Da Daily Compliment - Tap the dispenser to read a compliment and unlock achievements
  • Light Da Fuse - Tap the sky to launch fireworks and unlock achievements
  • Roll Da Dice - Tap the table to roll the dice and unlock achievements
  • Cut Da Deck - Tap the cards to split the deck and unlock achievements
  • Ask Da Ball - Tap the ball to get a magic 8 ball type answer and unlock achievements
  • Guess Da Number - Tap the screen to see a number and unlock achievements

Location Services

Check in to stores while you are out and about to earn points
  • mPlus Places - Check into local stores while you are out shopping for points. You can earn a good 250 points for your 25 daily checks worth 10 points each. Be sure to open the app the next day to open any little present boxes for even more points
  • Earn Pike - Using location services, enable the app before going for a drive and earn points for each mile you drive while the app is open.


  • Parsecs - Navigate your space ship through one screen asteroid fields. Make it from the bottom to the top of the screen through each level and unlock achievements for points.
  • Cats 2048 - Swipe tiles to combine numbers together to equal 2048. The tiles have cats on them, hence the name.
  • Office Jerk, Office Zombie, Holiday Jerk - Throw objects at the Jerk to unlock achievements and earn points. I love how funny this one is since you throw all sorts of things like a hammer, stapler, pizza, snow globe, piece of paper. This one takes some practice to learn all the achievements so you can unlock them and achieve the most points daily.
  • Plumber Crack - Kind of similar to the Jerk games, your goal is to throw ice cubes down a plumbers pants.

Useful Apps

These aren't so much games but are apps that you might have a use for and if you're already using an app for this purpose, why not make points at the same time!
  • Moviefone - Earn points by watching trailers and looking up movie times. You can also purchase tickets in the app but I don't think that earns you points.
  • Daily Craigslist - Earn points for reading craigslist postings. So easy!

Games I used to play

Here are some other games I have played in the past to earn points but I don't play them much anymore
  • Dragons - Rise of Berk - Start your own island of Berk with dragons from How to Train Your Dragon
  • Jurassic Park Builder - Start your own Jurassic Park and raise dinosaurs
  • Streak Runner - Similar to Temple Run where you have to avoid obstacles while running down the street. This guy is naked so when you run into things the effects can be pretty funny.
  • Grumpy Bears - Ward off some bears chasing you by throwing things at them.
  • Office Jerk - Judged - Another game in the Jerk series. This time you throw things at a judge at sporting events. I didn't think this was as funny as the other Jerk games.

There are even more games that what I have listed at mPlus apps. Most of the games I play are developed by Fluik so you might want to check out what else they offer (they are the creators of Office Jerk). The Small Fortune Company also makes more games like Cut Da Deck that are easy to earn points with.

Have fun!


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